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Adult Counseling

Couples Counseling

As adults we often think that by nature we must be good people, good parents, good siblings, good employees… good at everything because we are adults. It is easy to get caught up on doing so many good things for others and forget to be good to one self. In my practice, I provide support to adults dealing with the challenges of daily life such as relationships, parenthood, stress, and career choices. I also have experience supporting adults who face mental health challenges like Depression, Anxiety, trauma, grief and loss issues, obsessions, personality disorders, among others.

Many times adults have lived with difficulties including mental health issues for long periods of time that such struggles have become chronic. Keeping this in mind, my treatment approach is client led. I understand that unfolding the complexities of life long challenges will take time and will occur when the adults is ready. Throughout treatment I invite my clients to continue moving forward but will not push beyond their readiness. Much healing can still happen in psychotherapy even when deep and painful issues are not directly addressed.